Top 5 Makeup Must-Haves

Written By Donna Marie Leonard April 30, 2023

I’ve reached a point where having a ton of lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, concealers, foundations, primers, and all that jazz just becomes clutter and another item for me to store and keep organized. Plus, if you aren’t consuming that much makeup in so many months, the makeup may no longer be any good.

I don’t know about you, but I despise items that are just present in my home just to take up space. If it does not serve a purpose, it must GO. This includes makeup. I was that girl in college and even as a teacher that had many different eye shadow palettes, pretty much every color MAC lipstick, every shade of blush, just so much of everything. And back then, I did use all of those things. But now, I need simple. My makeup routine is pretty much the same day-to-day except special occasions where I may add eye shadow and lashes.

Here is a list of my top 5 makeup must-haves:

ONE- Foundation

This is essential to having that flawless, airbrushed look. With so many options to choose from, do your research before going out to buy. Not all foundations are created equal. It helps to know your skin type as well when selecting foundation.


Unless you are blessed with gorgeous brows, you may need the help of a brow pencil, gel, and things as such. Eyebrows really do make or break your face. You cannot consider your makeup done without brow makeup.


Mascara or lashes, whichever you prefer, one of them is a must. Your makeup will be great without it, but when you add lashes or mascara, it raises the bar. Definitely have this in your kit.


This is icing on the cake. Lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, satin, or matte this must be in your makeup bag. Now, when it comes to lipstick you may want to have a few different colors. Unless you’re a red lipstick lady, like my mom, then you only need one color. But for those of us that like to switch it up depending on what you are wearing and the occasion, it is nice to have options.


Now, you cannot start applying all this makeup without this right here. Primer is everything. It serves as not only a makeup enhancer, but it is a barrier between your skin and the makeup. I can tell the difference when I forget to put on primer. And you use the right primer, your makeup will last through hours of Texas heat. See my previous blog about my go to primer.

Those are my five makeup must haves. However, I would like to add three more that will make your makeup, pop!


Concealer is great to cover up what we don’t want exposed. It is also our friend those mornings we may not have had enough beauty rest the night before, for the bags under our eyes.


I LOVE highlighter! It couldn’t be in the top 5, because it is not a makeup essential, but if you can add it in your makeup bag, grab one! I love to sparkle, so a little highlighter is all I need for extra glam!


Liquid foundation is great. It does a great job on it’s own. Yet, compact powder seals the deal. Compact powder provides a smooth texture on your face and helps to diminish the appearance of pores.

Well Jewels, there you have it! These are my top five, well eight, makeup must haves. Share in the comments which one of these you can’t live without either.


Written By Donna Marie Leonard

Donna Marie Leonard has been blogging for ten years. She is the published author of children’s book That’s Me. Additionally, Donna Marie is a magazine columnist and freelance writer. She is a script writer, actor, and producer in the Houston film community, as well.

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