Build Yourself This 2019

“I am the sparkle in the gold.
Donna Marie

The newness it brings, along with cheerfulness we sing, it’s a delightful thing. That’s the optimism that comes with the New Year. We excitedly bring it in, with hopes of achieving what last year did not win. But, this is not the time for any more excuses. This is the time for us all to embrace the hope the New Year has given us. 

For this reason, you have to accept the challenge that has been granted you, life. And you were only given one. So this year marks the start of completing those New Year resolutions. While failed attempts may spring about, you cannot give up. This is your year to achieve the unbelievable. Will it require hard work, and take you out of your comfort zone? Yes, but it will be worth it. Those nights you go down with the moon and wake with the rising sun, will all be for the good of accomplishing the life you have always wanted.  

This 2019, embark on creating the life you have seen yourself having. No more dreaming, time for your dreams to come to life. Walk in the path you have always known was meant for you. This is your year. There isn’t a more prominent time than now, to be in love with yourself enough that you give your dreams a chance to come alive.

There is nothing like waking up knowing that you are going to strive toward your greatness that day. Because too often, we drag ourselves out of bed to fulfill the dreams of someone else. But, it never has to be that way again.

You have the power within you to make greatness occur in your life. There are two simple steps to make this happen: believe in yourself and getting started. Once, you believe that you can possibly do it, you’re ready to take the first step. And then, you are on your way!

Last year, I learned just what it meant to step out of my own way and work towards my goals. And that was just one tiny step towards the big picture I envision of myself.

Jewels, if you do not have any goals this year other than surviving, I encourage you to build on the gift you have and elevate yourself. You deserve it.

Happy New Year, Jewels! Be You!

Getting 2013 Started


I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to get started with my new year resolutions. The new year has begun and I have been going to the gym, to be honest just two days, but it’s a start. Tomorrow is my official day to start my new year resolutions. Thinking about working out more is making me cringe. I have no idea how those that go every day do it. Working out is not fun to me. This year there are so many things that I want to accomplish, such as mastering my time. Some guys find it hard to comprehend why it takes some women two hours to get ready. I used to feel like two hours was not bad; however, I am starting to think that two hours is quite a lot of time, and there are other things I can do with part of that two hours. So ladies, if you are one of those ladies, like myself, who take FOREVER to get ready and want more time in your day to do other things, consider chopping the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning to do other things.

I am not a morning person, yet I know that if I got up maybe an hour and a half earlier I can get some things done that I really want to, but probably wouldn’t get done otherwise in my day, done in the  morning. For instance, my new year resolution to go to the gym five days a week, that could be done easily by going to the gym for an hour every morning. Think of it as doing it early and getting it out of your day. That would be one thing on your list accomplished.

That being said, I have desired that I want to master the use of time I have in a day. Another resolution I have, is the obvious one to be healthier. As much as I hate going to the gym it is something that has to be done, as well as eating healthier; otherwise, I’ll have poor health, and that is no good. One of the most important ones on my list is reminding myself to always be myself and not someone else. Being who you are will never be overrated. Learning to accept who you are is the best thing you can do for yourself; and I also will be working toward being a better me in all the aspects of my life: daughter, sister, friend,etc.. Of course, one other thing on my list is to shop more, you can NEVER shop enough! These are my new year resolutions and I would love to hear what yours are! Leave comments and share with me what your resolutions are and as I give updates as to how mine are coming along I would love to hear how yours are coming along too!

I look forward to hearing what your new year resolutions are and hearing about you accomplishing them as the year goes on. I will respond to any comments you post. Have a great year Jewels!

2013 is Here


It is 2013, Happy New Year! I’m excited about the New Year, because I’m going to be working on myself to improve things about myself. There are many New Year resolutions out there; however, making changes to your inner self tends not to be on the list. Of course one of my New Year resolutions is changing my outer appearance for health reasons, which will not only result in a leaner me but a healthier me. Yet, my biggest resolution is to be a better me. Whatever your New Year resolutions may be I hope you stick to them, and if you fall off track get back on and try again with more effort and will power. Have a blessed year full of adventure and don’t be afraid to cross into new boundaries and pursue your dreams!

Happy New Year Jewels!