Ball Gowns on Plus Size Women


It’s the first of the year and many women are beginning to plan their weddings that are this year. Very very exciting! Everyone knows that the biggest thing about a wedding is THEE DRESS!!! It is so important to find the perfect dress. As someone that works in the bridal industry, I know what it means to find the right dress. You’ve found Mr. Right, now you have to find the right wedding gown. The search can be very intense. Many women have no idea what they are looking for. Some women do. But, today its all about the gorgeous ball gowns.

dresses_549-chiffon-white-1_2Love how this shows off a great figure!

I have tried on wedding dresses before; however, today I was told to try on a ball gown. The store I was at, had just received a new ball gown in plus size. The minute I walked in the manager requested that someone of my stature try on this dress. I agreed to do it. I have always known that whenever I get married that I would get a ball gown dress. Trying on this dress confirmed it! I loved everything about the fit.(I would post a picture; however, this dress could be the one I go back for whenever my time comes, lol. So I don’t want everyone to see it.) Bottom line, this dress, even if it is not my wedding dress, has made me a fan of ball gowns.

plus_size_ball_gown_v_neck_court_train_satin_wedding_dress_with_beading_4111_1This style truly brings the waist in, making it appear to be small.

Many brides have told me that they do not want a ball gown because they want to show off their figure in a mermaid or trumpet dress. Ball gowns show off shape too. I am very busty, I have a proportionate waist, and proportionate hips. The ball gown dress made it seem as though I had an hourglass figure. Because of the size of my breast I naturally have a small waist. But my hips are not very wide. So with the ball gown on, my breast are nice and perky, lol, my waist looks AMAZING, and no one knows if I have wide hips or hips proportionate to my body. Talk about the perfect figure!

romantic-organza-sweetheart-court-train-ball-gown-plus-size-wedding-gown-with-ruffles_2013060537The ruffles are so fun!

On top of all of this, the ball gown dress that I tried on had ruffles. The layers of ruffles made the skirt very full. And boy, was the skirt fun to play with and twirl in. I do not see how anyone can pass up a fun dress, such as a ball gown, to wear something fitted to your body just to show off a figure. Why not have both? Now, I am not against mermaids, but I must say that more people need to give ball gowns a chance. EVERYONE these days are wearing mermaids. Think about it like this, “Do you honestly want to wear the same style dress as everyone else, on YOUR big day?” I know that  I don’t want to, and no one should. Also, keep in mind that not everyone can wear a mermaid style dress, and like wise with ball gowns. You must find the style that suits your body shape. You want to look your best on your wedding day. Do not settle with looking okay; just because everyone else is wearing a certain style, does not mean it is for you.

dresses_551-organza-white-1_2Figure flattering!

All in all, I think everyone should try on at least one ball gown on before deciding it is not the style for them. The cut of it, truly makes a woman look amazing, especially a full figured, curvy woman.

If you have questions about wedding dresses just leave a comment below.

Best wishes to those searching for THE RIGHT DRESS!

4 thoughts on “Ball Gowns on Plus Size Women

    1. My apologies for the late reply. You can find dresses with ruffles at any local bridal retail store or online. I do not recommend buying dresses online. I have had many clients buy dresses off the internet to avoid the high prices in stores. But in the end, the dress they bought online did not fit right. So they ended up buying two dresses and wasting money. Have fun dress shopping! =)


  1. i Have a certain ball gown that I love . I went to try it on. Of course they don’t have anything but a size 2-12 . They squeezed me into the 12 with the back open .
    My measurement’s now are 50”-45”-46” .And I am 5’10” .
    I do plan on loosing 50 pounds as my wedding is not till next year .
    My concern before ordering is the hollow to natural waist measurement . At first the girl measured me at 18” . Then after checking the chart ( for the pricey dress I am in love with ) the largest it comes in is 16 1/2” . She measured me again and then all the sudden got a 17” measurement . They kept saying ” they will make it work “, “it will be beautiful”
    The dress is very very fluffy where the waist meets the skirt . I am afraid it will enlarge my waist if it sits too high.
    Has anyone else out there had this problem ?
    Or has anyone ordered something similar ?
    If so what was your reaction ?


    1. Hi Robin,

      In response to the first issue you are having with getting the right size dress, ask your bridal consultant if the dress has any extra fabric on the sides and can be let out. Most dresses have an extra 2″ on each side, which gives you about 4″ of wiggle room. I truly recommend finding out if the seamstress at that store have ever let out dresses before, and if you are not happy with their work, what the refund policy is. Secondly, as far as the dress making your waist appear larger because of the fluffiness, if you are busty and the hip part of the dress stick out a bit, you’ll actually have an hour glass figure. The downside to that is if you are not busty but have hips, it’ll draw more attention to your hips.

      I really hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

      XOXO Jewel,
      Donna 😉


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