Favorites of 2013!

Hello Jewels, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’m so thankful to have made it to 2014! A lot has happened since my last post; the biggest of all that happened was graduating from college! YAY!!! So besides that being my uttermost FAVORITE thing of 2013, I have several others. I must say that it is mostly make-up, because I LOVE MAKEUP. I love everything about makeup, no one could get close to convincing me that it is bad or not needed. There are other things within my favorites, but makeup consumes most of my list. Here we go.

Watt’s Up by Benefit

17. First on the list is this highlighter by Benefit; it is called “Watt’s Up!”. I like this product because it gives a natural glow to your face. The application is even better! It rolls onto your skin so this allows for easy application above and on your brown bone, cheek bone, and the bridge of your nose. This color looks great on all complexions. With this product, a little goes a long way. So if you use it moderately it should last you a while. You can purchase this item at Ulta or Sephora for about $30.

pBBW1-12774709v275Marshmallow Creme by Bath and Body Works

16. As the year progressed I got away from wearing lip gloss, and started wearing lip sticks, especially matte ones. But for my birthday someone bought me a lip gloss from Bath and Body Works, that I really like! I like “Marshmallow Creme” due to the fact that it has a great smell, and that it is clear and glittery. Sometimes I wear this alone or on top of a lipstick to add shimmer and gloss. You can find this lip gloss at Bath and Body Works for about $7.50.

Lorac-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette-Summer-2013Lorac Pro To Go

15. I recently purchased this new fav of mine before going on Christmas vacation. I have not created many looks with it, but I just know the possibilities are endless. The Lorac Pro To Go palette is so awesome! This palette is great for eyes and face! The colors that are provided will work for every complexion. It is quite the versatile palette that you need when you are on the go! This fab palette can be found at Ulta for about $39.

screen_shot_2013_07_19_at_10_23_49_amTrue Gold by bareMinerals

14. I wanted to do a glittery gold smokey eye for graduation so I went in Sephora; and after the wonderful sales lady had shown me all of the gold eye shadows that I already had, she brought me one that she herself knew I would not be able to resist. This bareMinerals eye color “True Gold” is just like Real Gold. It sparkles and it goes on with so much pigment. I love it, and I recommend this to everyone! It is a must have for your makeup collection. This product can be purchased at Sephora and Ulta for  about $14.

macravishing__09348Ravishing by Mac

13. I love how Mac gives a free lipstick for every six empty containers you bring in. This is how I get most of my Mac lipsticks. This time I did not know what color to get because I have so many pinks and reds as it is; so the mua at Mac told me to try a peachy color. I fell for the first one I tried on, “Ravishing”. It is a peachy pink creme sheen lip stick. I get many many complements when I wear this lipstick with a nude eye. This can be purchased at Mac for about $15.

s1480029-main-LheroStar Dust by Sephora

12. This highlighter is not as natural looking as “Watt’s Up!” but it is gorgeous! This highlighter is called “Star Dust” by Sephora, it is often compared to Nars Albatross. However, I have not tried it yet, so I cannot tell you for sure if it is anything like it. It provides the perfect highlight. The same goes for this highlight, as the one by Benefit, a little goes a long way, so do not be heavy handed when applying it. This can be purchased at Sephora for about $14.

neutrogenawavesonicNeutrogena Sonic Wave

11. Everyone is purchasing some kind of Clarisonic. Well, with all that I had going on this year, I had no extra money to purchase a $200 device just to wash my face. So I tried the Neutrogena Sonic Wave. I really like this thing. My face feels like it has been cleaned, and I can see a difference after one use. My skin appears brighter and healthier. I definitely recommend this to someone who wants a deep cleanse on their face. I purchased mine from Walmart for about $13, but I am sure this is available at many drug stores.

dressbarn logo

10. I am pretty sure I have mentioned Dress Barn in one of my blogs before, but Dress Barn has been a dependable store for me to shop at. Whenever, I have tried other places, Dress Barn never fails. They carry beautiful clothing for plus size women and misses. The prices are fair for what the clothing is worth. I have dresses from Dress Barn that I have had for years; and they still look brand new. I bought the dress I wore to graduation from Dress Barn. This is an all time favorite place for me to shop.

mac217MAC 217

9. I wear a smokey eye just about every day to work. I don’t know what it is about that look, but I love it. To perfect this look daily I use my Mac 217 brush for the crease. This brush works like a charm. It will never fail you. This is a brush that every person into makeup should own. This brush is about $25 at Mac.

mac-small-eye-shadow-brown-script-oBrown Script by MAC

8. Along with that brush I use this eye shadow just about everyday, “Brown Script”. This is another item that I recommend everyone gets for their makeup collection. It goes perfectly with whatever look you create. “Brown Script” can be purchased at Mac for about $15.

img-thing (1)Stockholm by NYX

7. Whenever I do not know what lip color to wear I reach for “Stockholm” by NYX. This color is so pretty and nude! Plus, it’s a matte and it stays on forever. It goes with every eye look and looks great with any complexion. This can be found at Ulta for about $6.

spin_prod_818878912Sangria by Milani

6. As fall progressed, I had to get a dark colored lipstick. I found this one at Walmart, at random. “Sangria” by Milani is a must have folks! I get so many complements on this lipstick. It never fails. Every time I wear it, someone mentions how pretty it is. I know this is a must have because every time I go to Walmart to purchase another one, the row is empty. Get your hands on it, while you can. This can be found at Walmart, and probably drug stores for about $5.

images (1)Shocking Pink by NYX

5. Along with “Sangria” I got just the same amount of complements on “Shocking Pink” by NYX. This beautiful lipstick is matte. I love matte lipstick. It is so vibrant. It is a bold color, so be prepared to be wowed when you put it on. This is a must try. This can be found at Ulta for about $6.


4. Forever 21 has always been my go to store. I shop there every time I go shopping. It definitely is my favorite store. I love this store because it is a one stop shop. You can get clothing, shoes, jewelry, and a handbag in one place. I love that many stores are now carrying Forever21+ so now I do not have to limit myself to online shopping, I can go in a store.

Sephora-Primal-Instincts-Eyeshadow-PalettePrimal Instincts by Sephora

3. For the most part, I rush in everything that I do, unless it’s a date. So I have my go to palette that I have been using since January of 2013, and it does not even look like I placed a dent in it. It is the “Primal Instincts” palette by Sephora. It is mostly nudes some shimmery and matte ones. Along with two purple eye shadows. I use this everyday! Love it! Must have for your makeup collection.  This can be purchased at Sephora for about $30.

waterproof_eyeliner_pencilNYC 922 Dark Brown Brow/ Eyeliner Pencil

2. Every woman knows that brows are a BIG DEAL! I mean big! So of course I do my eye brows daily. I have tried everything from Mac to drugstore. Guess what? Drug store won, well Target did. I say this because I do not know if this can be purchased outside of Target. I have tried everywhere, and only one Target always has it. It is so cheap I buy everyone that they have. This eye brow pencil is quite waxy so I always sharpen it before each use, because too much wax can look DANGEROUS! The best thing about this pencil by NYC is that it is $0.94. If you already have a brow pencil you love, just give this one a try. It is too cheap not to give it a chance. I still love Mac’s spiked.

1168958_fpxThey’re Real Mascara by Benefit

1. Besides brows being what I dress up everyday, I also have to do my lashes. The only time I wore falsies during 2013 was for my friends wedding. Other than that, I am all natural, and my makeup still looks fab. Of course, if a major event comes up like a wedding then yes I’ll wear them, but my natural lashes are a nice length to work with. Plus, “They’re Real” by Benefit is the best mascara in the world! It makes your lashes pop out even more so! Please try this, you won’t be sorry. This can be purchased from Sephora or Ulta for about $10.

I know this was a lot. But, I hope this is beneficial to some of you. Let me know if you have tried any of these products, and what your thoughts are on them.

Hope all of you have a blessed, prosperous, and healthy 2014!

BH Cosmetics: Review of Party Girl Palette

We are soon to be in the party and holiday season of the year. This is my favorite time of the year. Not just because of Christmas gifts, but during the holidays there are parties and family gatherings, which means you get to dress up. Dressing up is fun! You get to wear a cute outfit, new shoes, a new hair do, and MAKEUP!!!! Make up can be very expensive, and during the holidays you do not want to wear the same makeup look to every function. To help save money on a ton of eye shadows, you may want to consider purchasing an eye shadow palette. Palettes are high, but definitely worth it. A cheap alternative is BH Cosmetics. Everyone has been talking about BH Cosmetics, and how awesome and cheap their products are. I have known about BH Cosmetics for a little over a year now. I hate to try new things without being able to test it first. Considering that it is online only, I have no way of knowing what the product will be like until I purchase it. I was very skeptical about purchasing from them, but after reading the reviews on their website; and watching reviews and demos on YouTube, I thought I would give BH Cosmetics a chance.


So early September I made my first purchase. I purchased the Party Girl Palette. When the item arrived, of course I could not wait to swatch the eye shadows. I was impressed with the swatches. The next day I did a look using the palette. I put on primer first, then applied the eye shadow. I am not lying when I tell you guys that I had to go over the shadows like four or five times, until I was satisfied. I never had to do that before with an eye shadow, except for the really cheap ones. I was very disappointed after that. The swatches were deceiving. They made me believe that the product was well pigmented. The reviewers online said that it was. A few people said it wasn’t, but I figured they had really high expectations of this cheap product. However, when I tried it, I saw what they  meant.

There are a few colors that work well the first two times of applying them, but for the most part, I am disappointed. The only reason I am so disappointed is because everyone talked about BH Cosmetics eye shadows like they were comparable to MAC eye shadows; just way cheaper. For the price you pay, I only payed $9 plus shipping, the palette is not bad, it is definitely worth the price. HOWEVER, do not have high expectations of the product, especially if you are someone that buys high end makeup.

I am not dissing their product. I still wear it, but I have to do more when I use this product, than my usual eye shadows. So, here is what you do for the best outcome, the first time you apply BH eye shadows. First, prime your eyes; any primer is good, I use Urban Decay’s primer “Eden”. Then, use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” (white) as a base. If you plan to use your shadows on or near your water line, apply “Milk” there as well, as a base. Finally, apply the eye shadows. This makes the colors pop and look well pigmented. They also last a while too. One thing that is for sure great about this palette is that the shadows do not fall. Once I apply them, they stay on my eyes, I do not have to worry about wiping under my eyes every few minutes.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Milk”

Do I recommend this product? It depends. If you like to apply your eye shadows without having to put on a primer or base, then this product is not for you. If you do not mind doing the extra steps to achieve high pigmentation, then you will enjoy your BH Cosmetics palettes.

So Jewels, while you are preparing and shopping for your holiday gear, think about purchasing the PARTY GIRL PALETTE by BH COSMETICS. This palette contains every color you would need to create the perfect holiday look, at a low price. Here is a coupon code that is valid until November 25, 2013 to get 10% off at bhcosmetics.com; the code is RMENOT.

Many of you have probably already purchased eye shadow palettes from BH Cosmetics, please share what you think of them.

Have fun playing with makeup!