Torrid Little Black Dress Review

Every lady needs a little black dress. The dress that can be worn for any occasion, any time of year. I was shopping at Torrid and while I only went for accessories I had to try on a few items before leaving. This dress was one of those items, and BOY am I glad I did. This dress is very snazzy. The fact that the waist is right under the bust is very complimentary to those who are heavy busted. What I love most, is that this type of cut shows off the waist, cinches in the waist, showing off that curve. Score!

This dress looks great just by itself, or you can add a belt to make it fab. I like the belt because it really makes the waist go in. Plus, belts add more attitude to any attire.


The shoes are a bit funky! They have graffiti on them. Perfect for an all black dress. It adds a lot of color. Of course, depending on the occasion you may not want to wear such colorful shoes. However, if you’re going out with your girls or a hot date, shoes with color are a perfect match to this dress. I wore this dress to work with a short black sweater and flat gold sandals, super cute! So you can definitely dress this up in many different ways. I have also tried this on with a short turquoise sweater, and that was also adorable. There are so many alternatives to dressing up this black dress. Black dresses give you many options.



The dress was $68.50 and the belt was $18 at Torrid, check them out online at The shoes are from DSW, and they are by Steve Madden for about $69, online at

Have fun dressing up your little black dress, Jewels!

Plus Size Dress-Up: Simplicity This Holiday Season

Time has flown by so fast this year! It’s already Christmas! That means holiday parties galore. I decided this year to keep it simple. Simplicity is always in style, ESPECIALLY when you do not know how to dress for the occasion.

This outfit was simple but cute, and many people asked “why are you so dressed up”? Black jeans is

This is not the best picture, my apologies. I definitely need to invest in a quality camera.
This is not the best picture, my apologies. I definitely need to invest in a quality camera.

not dressed up! But as we all know, black is dressy. The outfit consist of black knee high boots, black jeans, black lace top, and the piece that tops off this look is the black and white jacket. The jacket is the star of this outfit. I think the black just helped to make me look dressy, but the jacket is what made this piece stick out.

While thinking of what to wear to the next holiday party, you may not have to pull out last year’s little black dress, you can wear the jeans you wore last week with a super cute top. Jackets always make things more fun. Even more so if you can get your hands on a funky fun jacket. There is so much more to an outfit than clothes, accessories. I added a headband and jewelry to mine. I feel naked without accessories. Headpieces are a great way to be festive!

 Where to find this outfit:

 The top came from New York & Co.; the jeans, boots,  headband, and  necklace were bought at Forever21; the  jacket was purchased at Dressbarn; and  the watch is from  Lane Bryant.

 Even though I am not wearing a dress, which is what I would have normally  worn, I still received many compliments. You do not always have to over do it  at a party. Keep it simple, smile, be yourself and you’ll always turn heads. 😉

 Please share your holiday styling tips below.

 Jewels, have a great time partying and be safe!

What Are You Wearing This Fall?

It finally feels like the fall of the year. I’ve been wearing my boots, sweaters, and jackets. I love this time of the year! Each year trends change. I am not one to promote trends. I like to promote individuality. Everyone knows that I am all about being true to who you are. However, this fall/winter has the color that I wear everyday as the “it” color. BLACK! I cannot express how much I love to wear black. My closet is full of black clothing. It is not just because it is slimming, dressy, sexy, and sleek; it’s simply because black is cool. I know it sounds crazy, but I have been wearing black clothes since I can remember. So I am definitely excited about the clothes that are out right now, and coming out for this season and winter.

The trend is not only black clothing, but black and white, as well as black and gold. Those two color combinations are also my go to when I shop and get dressed. Of course, this does not mean that you stop adding a pop of color to your wardrobe during this chilly season. Great colors for right now are emerald greens, red, plum, dark shades of purple, sapphire, navy, metallic colors, and animal prints. Don’t be afraid to add those colors to your black and white or black and gold outfits. I will be going crazy with leopard/ cheetah print items this fall/winter. Remember, the best thing about black is that you can add just about anything to it, and look fabulous!

Whatever you do, do not be boring with your black ladies, LET IT ROCK! Have fun dressing it up. Always, jazz up whatever you wear with your personal touches of style. Listed below are several stores to check out this season. There are many more, but these are just about everywhere and accessible online.

Jewels, I hope you have a blast shopping this season. I would love to hear about the stores you enjoy shopping at, so please leave a comment below.

Check out these stores:

-Cato (

-Old Navy (

-Lane Bryant (

-Forever 21+ (

-Asos ( look under women, then, curve & plus size…also, this store ships products all over, so if you are in the UK select that country or if you are in the USA be sure to select America, for the proper currency