The Classic Denim


How many of you love jeans? I know I do. Denim has been around for a long time. It is used for many things even the money we use to buy them. But, why is it that women have a hard time getting the perfect pair of jeans? It is sad to say that some women are uncomfortable in their jeans, that should not be. We should love the jeans we wear and feel beautiful in them, not okay.

For the most part, jeans are a part of our daily lives. Personally, I wear jeans just about everyday. The fun part of jeans these days is that you can wear the classic denim blue jeans, pink, orange, purple, leopard print, ripped, and the list goes on and on. But which ones look the best on curvy women? From the many years of wearing jeans I have discovered that dark jeans look the best on me, and the light blue jeans show off areas that do not need further highlighting. The dark denim jeans don’t draw attention to any areas on my legs. In the case that you love your light blue jeans keep wearing them. Whenever I wear light blue jeans I wear them with a long shirt to cover my thighs.

Light blue jeans just  are not as flattering and slimming as the dark blue jeans. Also, dark blue jeans are dressier and if worn with the right top you can look really dressed up in a matter of seconds. This does not mean that colored jeans are out of the picture or printed jeans. I’m a firm believer in prints. Printed clothing hide my busty chess and chubby thighs.

dark jeans             light jeans

Another factor to put into play when shopping for jeans is getting jeans that are made of real denim, the classic denim jeans. What I mean by that is some jeans are jeggings, jeans that are like leggings but jeans; then there are the stretch jeans; and some are true denim jeans, no stretch just regular jeans. The best jeans, in my opinion, are jeans that are made of the classic jean material not jeggings or stretch jeans. My problem with those jeans is that they make my thighs look bigger, versus regular denim jeans they do not stretch and they don’t put my thighs on display.

Jeans can be worn in so many ways and go with many things. They can be worn with a dress, crazy sounding, but cute! Of course not a long dress, but a dress you would wear with leggings or tights. Jeans can be worn with a blouse or a t-shirt. All in all jeans are our best friends and they affect the way we look.  Jeans can dress up your look or dress it down. It’s all about what your looking to do.

List of my jean No-Nos!:

– Stretch jeans

– Light blue jeans, unless it’s worn with a long blouse or shirt

– Jeggings, unless it’s worn with a long blouse or shirt

Here are a list of stores that provide a variety of jeans ranging in many sizes and prices:


– Old Navy

– New York and Company

– Burlington Coat Factory

– Avenue

– Lane Bryant

– Torrid

I hope this helps you find the jeans that you will feel and look fabulous in. If there are other places to find jeans please share below.

Have FUN jean shopping Jewels!

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