I am just amazed at all the racism that is displayed on youtube. I am certainly not surprised that there are racist people out there, especially in the great country of America, but at how open people are with their racist comments. The video, if you haven’t already seen it on tv or youtube, is not what I found racist. The lady could have possibly  been tongue twisted, the words on the tele-prompt could have been there from a typo, or she could have said that because it was on her mind. Whatever the situation may be it has been said and done on national television, nothing she can say or do now. So after watching this clip of the news I immediately scrolled down to see what people had to say and it was mind blowing. I have seen other racist comments before, but nothing like this. Which is not to my surprise considering that this part of the news was covering the “President” and there are many that “HATE” him only because of the color of his skin. I’m not here to talk politics, but on The Curvy Chateau we have to keep things real, and the REAL deal here is that many people dislike Obama due to the color of his skin. Bottom line those in the KKK took a liking to this video and had a lot to say.


Check out the video here —>

What I find funny about all of this is that there are racist people that do not like blacks, but they love sports! On game days, especially Sunday, when men and women watch football and basketball they are CHEERING on players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Calvin Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. So on Sunday when everyone across America is watching the Super Bowl, I know those haters will be yelling at their televisions booing and rooting on their black players.

This is the thought for the day. If you have anything you would like to share please comment below. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject.

Have a great day Jewels!

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