September Favorites

Hello Jewels, I just thought I would share some items that I have bought this past September that were AWESOME!!! I LOVE all of these items. They are so so so AWESOME! You must try them, and the plus side to this is that they are inexpensive, for the most part. I’m going to start with my least of favorites to my favorite one.

 8. I enjoy trying new things, and especially when they are recommended by a friend. However, the last time I tried a lotion my friend had recommended I was not all that thrilled with it. So this time, when I went “lotion shopping” I took my time, and looked for a brand that I trusted. Then, a product within that brand that catered to my needs. I live in a very hot state, so my skin gets very dry, and Dove had the answer to my needs. I have tried and I kind of like Aveeno’s eczema lotion, but this is way better. This lotion does not go on thick, and it is not loose like oil. It is the perfect combination of lotion and oil. The moisture last from the time I put on lotion after showering in the morning, to the time I get ready to shower in the evening; not twenty-four hours, but enough to last throughout a day of work and school. It leaves my skin feeling soft and quenched. This lotion is about $6 at Wal-Mart.

 7. I love pink. Everything about the color pink is so darling to me. It should be to no surprise that 97% of my nail polishes are pink. I have a huge variety of them. I have a ton of soft pink polishes by different brands, but one day I decided to go in Ulta, and I told my bestie that I want a new soft pink polish. So she picked out “Privacy Please” by O.P.I and boy was she right that I was going to love it. I cannot believe I hadn’t tried this polish sooner. It is so pretty. I love it because it is enough to show that it is pink, but it is still natural looking. It is not over the top, just a darling shade of pink. This polish was $9 at Ulta.

Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX - Monte Carlo
Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX – Monte Carlo

6. I have just stated how much I love pink, and that goes for my blushes, glosses, lipsticks, everything that can be pink I have it or want it in pink. However, I am getting older and I am starting to fall in love with red lipsticks. They look gorgeous on me, not to brag, but everyone knows that red lips look great on every woman. So we all look gorgeous in red, but I was in Ulta, the same day that I got the polish, I bought this AWESOME red lip cream by NYX. I have several of these soft matte lip creams already in PINK. So this time I got the red, and it is drop dead Gorgeous! This is something every woman who loves to wear red lips should invest in. It goes on like a cream, but dries like a matte lip stick. It is so pretty. This lip cream was $6 at Ulta.

 5. Blush is something I wear every day. So I always need a new color to go with my different makeup looks. I was at Target checking out brushes by e.l.f and I saw they had a new blush “Pink Passion”, and I thought it was so vibrant in color that I had to have it. As soon as I got home I tried it, and it is a great blush. It is well pigmented, it applies easily, and it is buildable; so if one day you want the blush to look flushed and natural, it can do that, and if another day you need it to be popping it can do that as well. This blush was purchased at Target for $3.

 4. On the same day that I got this blush I also purchased a brush. This brush is ALL THAT!  I love love love this brush, and I use it for everything. It is that incredible. I use it to apply my blush, powder foundation, highlighter, and bronzer. The brush works so well for all of it. After using this brush for just a few days I told everyone about it. It’s just that good! The best part about this brush is that it was only $3 at Target.

 3. I love eye shadow, but it does not look good when you do not have on the right base. Everyone knows about MAC’s paint pot “Painterly”. It’s pretty awesome; I use it all the time. But this paint pot is my new best friend. “Groundwork” is a light brown paint pot that I use whenever I am doing a natural look using browns and golds. It is a great base for these eye shadow colors, and it helps them to last longer on my eyes. I like it so much because my eye shadows last a long time, and blend well on top of Groundwork. “Groundwork” is $20 at MAC.

 2. I had wanted to try this finishing spray for the longest. My friends have told me about it, but I was convinced MAC was better. MAC’s finishing spray, “Fix +”, is still awesome, but this one is a little cheaper and AWESOME! I wish I would have purchased this sooner, but now I use it every weekend. One day, I had applied my makeup then sprayed this on my face, and my makeup lasted from 7:45 AM until 7 PM which is when I took it off. The makeup still looked great! It did not smudge at all. I definitely love this product and recommend it to my friends. I purchased this product from David’s Bridal for $11.

 1. I use this product like every day, ever since I bought it. It goes on smooth, it blends so well with my complexion, and it makes me want to say every time after I put it on when I look in the mirror, “Hello flawless!” This product by Benefit is a must have! It does exactly what it is called, it makes your face flawless. It is very soft, and can provide sheer to full coverage. I love it. I place it on top of my liquid foundation on some days. Other days I wear it with just a primer. This awesome powder was purchased at Ulta for $35. You know I am using my $3 e.l.f brush to apply this right?!?!

These are such AWESOME products, that I hope you ladies may try. I would not recommend them if I thought they weren’t all that and a bag of chips. If you ladies do try them, or already have please leave a comment sharing your success or fail with the items.

 Have fun shopping Jewels!


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