Who Do You Dress Up For, Yourself or Them?

I get this all the time, and I want to know why people feel this way. So I often get asked, “Who are you all dressed up for?” My answer has never changed, “For ME!” Why is it that wearing a scarf or a big necklace makes you all dressed up. I don’t care if I was wearing a dress and everyone else had on jeans. Just because I took a different route from the average Joe does not mean that I am getting “Dressed UP” for someone other than myself. MAYBE I dress the way I do, because it makes me happy. I like to dress up. My whole family knows that about me. So if I show up somewhere looking a tad bit over dressed, they are not surprised. By the way, I never consider the way I dress, overly dressed. I don’t think anyone could ever be too dressed up for an occasion. This only applies when you are being yourself. Now, if you are dressing up to impress someone, and it turns out you are way over dressed for the occasion, then you are at fault for that and will feel the eyes staring at you for your big mistake. BUT, for those of us who just love to add accessories to dress up a t-shirt or a blazer on top of t-shirt, jeans, and converse, you are just being yourself. That is all that counts, being yourself. When you be yourself, you will never feel out of place or over dressed, you’ll feel like YOU.

I had to address this, because I hear it way too often. I was at open house at the school I am doing my internship at, and I had on a simple black and white striped dress with knee high black boots. All of the teachers were asking me, “Who are you all dressed up for, the parents?” I replied, “No ladies, for Me!” There is no other explanation for this. I love to dress up, it’s fun, and it’s a part of who I am, that I hope NEVER GOES AWAY!

This is the thought for today. If you guys would like to share your thoughts on this subject please comment below.

Have a WONDERFUL Day being YOURSELF, Jewels! šŸ˜‰

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