This Bra Has You Covered: Cacique Bra Review

Oh Bra, how incredible you are; how thankful I am for you. Some days we’re besties and other days enemies. As Machiavelli would say, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”; Bra you know me better than any friend. Despite the discomfort you most often bring, we work together to achieve the challenge ahead- getting the girls through the day without breaking backs. Cheers to you Bra, I love you!

Every girl knows what it is to have found a bra that it just right. Finding the right bra can be just as hard, if not harder, as finding Mr. Right. There are key factors that must be taken into consideration: the uttermost one is comfort, style (for some this is not important, but to me it is- I like my bras to be cute), longevity (will it get me throughout the day- a good 10 hours), it needs to nip, tuck, and tighten in all the right places, and needs to be cost friendly (for bustier ladies a reasonable price is at least $40- to get a good bra).

I have purchased several of Lane Bryant’s bras. All of which ended up being either uncomfortable and left me feeling like I had more rolls with the bra on than off (so unattractive). Hence those experiences, I have promised myself that when I go bra shopping I will always look for these three things: comfort, wide enough ban on the back to prevent rolls and back support, and lifted support of the bust (who wants sagging boobs?).

Notice price is not a part of my list, why, because I am full busted. I have no say so in purchasing a cheap bra. All of my bras since high school have been $45 plus. My mother once bought me a bra, just 1 bra, that was $71. I simply cannot go cheap when it comes to my bust.

But, it is important to me that my bra is comfortable. Because I am heavy chested I need a bra that is comfortable and can support my load. Anytime my bras are uncomfortable my back hurts, which typically comes from having a bra that does not support my back very well. I find that the bras with wide bans across the back better support your back and prevent those rolls caused by bras.

Lastly, I hate that bras for bustier women do not have push-up affects like the ones at Victoria Secret for smaller busted women. Even though a full busted woman does not need anything extra, we still do not want our boobs to sag. Therefore, I also take into consideration when I am bra shopping to find a bra that gives my breast a lift.

Click pic to check it out online

With that being said, the following bra has all of the above: lifts the breast, supports the back and diminishes rolls, and this bra is very comfortable. This bra is so awesome that I went back to LB and purchased several of them; it’s that great!

Click pic to check it out online

Cacique Illusion Full Coverage Bra

The great things about this bra is that it is full coverage, medium width strap (doesn’t dig into your skin), and the back is smooth, so no one even notices your bra.

This bra is available in quite a few colors. The price of it varies from size, $42.50- $54.50. Check it out online or in-stores.

If you have any questions or comments about this bra or anything bra related please comment below.

Best wishes finding the right one Jewels!

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