Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Dress Review

Spring has sprung among us fast! That means weddings are underway! Being a plus size bride can seem to be a challenge. Only because you’re making it that way. Finding a dress for any size woman is complicated. You are shopping for your WEDDING DRESS; it is not going to be easy. Your wedding dress carries so much sentimental value, so everyone searching for thee best dress for thee best day in their life finds it to be a challenge.

There is of course, the obstacle of wedding shops having limited amounts of plus size dresses available to try on. That is obviously a pain, and this is something that will be discussed more in depth in a later blog. But for now, I will review the following styles that are available at David’s Bridal.

I have had the opportunity to try on a few of their recently released and popular styles. People often look down on David’s Bridal dresses, I am assuming this is because they are economically priced and all over; however, David’s Bridal has exclusive brands and beautiful modern and couture style dresses.

Dress #1 I have never been a fan of trumpet style wedding dresses. Looking at the pictures, I’m sure you see why. It’s not just because trumpet style dresses are not very flattering on me, but because trumpets look more like a prom dress and suitable for a very fancy occasion rather than a wedding dress. This is only my opinion.

What is nice about this dress is that it is very flattering in the bust and waist. The sweet heart neckline sculpts the bust nicely, and the belt helps to break up the bust from the waist drawing negative attention away from the bust. Lace is often associated with grandma dresses; however, the lace on this gown is soft and subtle. Too many times we see plus sized ladies in thick satin dresses. Sometimes satin dresses are beautiful, but too many times on full figured women the satin dresses make the women look even thicker and adds bulkiness to the appearance. Lace dresses, such as this one, will not add any bulkiness to your appearance. This dress was also comfortable, which is important. 😉

For those seeking a trumpet style dress and are busty, I highly suggest the skirt be full like this one. Better yet, a skirt fuller than this one is even better.

Style # 9V3680
Style # 9V3680

Dress #2 Princess Tiana would approve of this dress, especially if it was green. This is a true princess dress (ball gown). I definitely felt like one while I was in it. What I love about this dress is all that it contains. It has lace, organza, beautiful bead work, and layers of ruffles. The neckline is a slight sweet heart. Which draws positive attention to the bust. Because it is a slight sweet heart it minimizes the appearance of the bust. The skirt begins right above the hips. This creates and establishes curves, which draws the waist in. This style dress looks great on fuller busted women. Despite being heavy op top, the bottom containing a full skirt helps to balance it out. This style dress will also look great on women who are apple (barrel) shaped. The full skirt hides the slim hips and tummy.

Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568

This Oleg Cassini is beautiful with or without a sash. I love the soft touch of color added to a wedding gown. A sash is a great way to add personal touches and a way to make a dress your own. You can always do this by creating something of your own, buying one from the store, or maybe even using something borrowed or old from a special loved one.

Dress #3 What I love most about this wedding dress is that it is simple yet gorgeous! The beauty of it is the simplicity and dab of sparkle. Drop waist gowns have always been my favorite. You’re able to have a drop waist in many ways: simple, layers, ball gown, sparkly, etc. This gown has an asymmetrical skirt with a few pleats, very tasteful in style. The sash is added to it, which assist with breaking up the waist and bust. The neckline is subtle and sweet. Perfect gown for those who want to look fabulous, but not over the top. I highly recommend this style dress for pear shapes and hour glass figures.

Notice the two different sashes. One is chunky and the other is thin. Just like the ball gown, you can add many different types of sashes to this dress. That is one of the benefits to a simple dress.

I hope that this dress review of three different styles assist those of you searching for a dress. I suggest you try on the various styles so you’ll know which style looks best on you and which one you feel the most confident in.

I really miss helping ladies find their wedding dresses, but I am glad that I have the opportunity to share with you guys on my blog. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share please comment below.

Happy wedding dress shopping jewels!

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