Detox: Day THREE

The entire day I have felt drained. No energy whatsoever! Early part of today, I did not have any cravings for food, and I had to make myself drink the smoothies. However, by tonight I desire FOOD.

Today, I ate less. The snack I had after breakfast was blackberries and raspberries, barely a half cup portion of it. The remainder of the day I had about 6 or 7 almonds, 2 Brazilian nuts, 1 boiled egg, and three smoothies (replaced the three meals of the day). I also drunk a good amount of water today and two cups of detox tea.

Despite feeling like I may possibly faint, I was not hungry. I managed to go the gym and workout for a good thirty minutes. The last thing I wanted to do was over do it. For some reason I believe in pushing myself; unfortunately, at the gym I was not able to do that today, for obvious reasons. So for those who do decide to detox and workout, keep it light until you know how your body will be.

At this very moment, I WANT FOOD. But, fortunate for me I am going to sleep; therefore, no eating! Whenever you feel like you’re going to grab food, make yourself go to sleep, that way you can’t eat, haha.

By the way, I weighed myself this morning, and not to my surprise only a whopping 2.4 pounds gone. Maybe over indulging in the nuts yesterday did that or the lack of water. But, today was a new day, and I think the scale will have better results.

Cheers to the completion of DAY THREE!

Detox: Day TWO

Where do I begin? Immediately woke up and felt a few pounds lighter (you know in the morning you always feel refreshed and lighter than the day before). So I had to weighed myself, and to my surprise five pounds smaller, yippee. Yesterday was easier than today. I was at home yesterday. Today I was at work; and during lunch I was watching other people eat and the smell of their food was really getting to me. I really wanted to quit, but I kept thinking about the five pounds. My biggest struggle of today was not having anything salty to eat. I was craving fried and salty foods.

Whenever I have done detoxes in the past I have experience headaches. Today was no different, the headache was really bad and was hours before it past. I did not drink as much water as I would have liked to today, so hopefully that will not affect the scale, fingers crossed.

The book says not to have more than a handful of nuts while snacking, but I had a couple of handfuls of nuts today. I couldn’t help myself. The scale will determine my success of today in the morning.

No meat, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, nothing fried, no processed foods, only water, tea, and organic fruits, veggies, and nuts, must say this was a healthy day.

Cheers to Day TWO!

After the Food is Gone, It’s Time to Detox

Well, spring break is a done deal. It lasted a great Monday through Friday, it’s now Sunday. Thinking back on all the scrumptious delights I ate during spring break brings me to what I have started today, a detox. I love food. I am a southern girl from Crescent City, and there is nothing that comes between me and good food. As soon as I arrived to New Orleans I already knew what I wanted to eat, Chinese! From Cajun to seafood to Popeyes to Chinese, EVERYTHING in New Orleans taste better than anywhere else. So upon getting into town, I ordered some Chinese food from my favorite local place. The taste is authentic, comforting, and reminisces of all the reasons I love going home. Besides all of that, the food is just that dang good! I ate so much food that every day I was sick. Ask me if I cared, I continued to eat. Now I know that sounds disgusting and glutinous. BUT, until you have gone to New Orleans and experienced the food, you simply will not understand. I do not care where I go, the food just does not compare. It is in its own category.

Here is some (not all) of the food I got to indulge in for a few days:

Crawfish Mum
Crawfish Mum
Mudbugs (Craw fish)
Mudbugs (Craw fish)
Yummy Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken (your choice of dark or white meat), and an egg roll the size of a borrito
Yummy Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken (your choice of dark or white meat), and an egg roll the size of a burrito
Beignets and Cafe Au Lait from Cafe Du Monde
Beignets and Cafe Au Lait from Cafe Du Monde
Fried oysters and shrimp
Fried oysters and shrimp

Consequently, I have to get back into the habit of eating my fruits and veggies. Plus, after eating so much good food (mostly fried) my body needs a good detox. I have decided to do the 10 Day Green Smootie Cleanse created by JJ Smith. Now being the person that I am, I am not following the cleanse to the T. In fact, I plan to just do 5 days. I was told by a friend who has recently done it that she lost all of her weight within the first 5 days. She said after that nothing came off. So I figured 5 days will be sufficient enough for me too. The other change I am making is the smoothies. My doctor has always told me to stay away from all fruits except berries. So I will only be juicing berries with a small piece of pineapple for sweetness. Of course, I will have my leafy greens (turnip and mustard greens, kale, and spinach- these are the ones I juice with all the time). That is it for my changes. I am confident that this will be a good cleanse. Last summer I did something very similar except I only juiced for two meals instead of all three. That cleanse had good results.

Today is DAY 1. So far, I am craving everything but what I am supposed to have, but I am by no means hungry. On the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse you’re able to eat nuts, veggies, and boiled eggs as snacks (read the book for more information on how much, when, and any other questions you may have). I have snacked on nuts today. The only nuts I am eating are Brazilian nuts and almonds. I am also drinking my weight divided in half in ounces. For example if you way 200 pounds you should drink 100 oz. of water.

I plan to share daily updates on how things are going.

Cheers to detoxing the body!

This Bra Has You Covered: Cacique Bra Review

Oh Bra, how incredible you are; how thankful I am for you. Some days we’re besties and other days enemies. As Machiavelli would say, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”; Bra you know me better than any friend. Despite the discomfort you most often bring, we work together to achieve the challenge ahead- getting the girls through the day without breaking backs. Cheers to you Bra, I love you!

Every girl knows what it is to have found a bra that it just right. Finding the right bra can be just as hard, if not harder, as finding Mr. Right. There are key factors that must be taken into consideration: the uttermost one is comfort, style (for some this is not important, but to me it is- I like my bras to be cute), longevity (will it get me throughout the day- a good 10 hours), it needs to nip, tuck, and tighten in all the right places, and needs to be cost friendly (for bustier ladies a reasonable price is at least $40- to get a good bra).

I have purchased several of Lane Bryant’s bras. All of which ended up being either uncomfortable and left me feeling like I had more rolls with the bra on than off (so unattractive). Hence those experiences, I have promised myself that when I go bra shopping I will always look for these three things: comfort, wide enough ban on the back to prevent rolls and back support, and lifted support of the bust (who wants sagging boobs?).

Notice price is not a part of my list, why, because I am full busted. I have no say so in purchasing a cheap bra. All of my bras since high school have been $45 plus. My mother once bought me a bra, just 1 bra, that was $71. I simply cannot go cheap when it comes to my bust.

But, it is important to me that my bra is comfortable. Because I am heavy chested I need a bra that is comfortable and can support my load. Anytime my bras are uncomfortable my back hurts, which typically comes from having a bra that does not support my back very well. I find that the bras with wide bans across the back better support your back and prevent those rolls caused by bras.

Lastly, I hate that bras for bustier women do not have push-up affects like the ones at Victoria Secret for smaller busted women. Even though a full busted woman does not need anything extra, we still do not want our boobs to sag. Therefore, I also take into consideration when I am bra shopping to find a bra that gives my breast a lift.

Click pic to check it out online

With that being said, the following bra has all of the above: lifts the breast, supports the back and diminishes rolls, and this bra is very comfortable. This bra is so awesome that I went back to LB and purchased several of them; it’s that great!

Click pic to check it out online

Cacique Illusion Full Coverage Bra

The great things about this bra is that it is full coverage, medium width strap (doesn’t dig into your skin), and the back is smooth, so no one even notices your bra.

This bra is available in quite a few colors. The price of it varies from size, $42.50- $54.50. Check it out online or in-stores.

If you have any questions or comments about this bra or anything bra related please comment below.

Best wishes finding the right one Jewels!

Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Dress Review

Spring has sprung among us fast! That means weddings are underway! Being a plus size bride can seem to be a challenge. Only because you’re making it that way. Finding a dress for any size woman is complicated. You are shopping for your WEDDING DRESS; it is not going to be easy. Your wedding dress carries so much sentimental value, so everyone searching for thee best dress for thee best day in their life finds it to be a challenge.

There is of course, the obstacle of wedding shops having limited amounts of plus size dresses available to try on. That is obviously a pain, and this is something that will be discussed more in depth in a later blog. But for now, I will review the following styles that are available at David’s Bridal.

I have had the opportunity to try on a few of their recently released and popular styles. People often look down on David’s Bridal dresses, I am assuming this is because they are economically priced and all over; however, David’s Bridal has exclusive brands and beautiful modern and couture style dresses.

Dress #1 I have never been a fan of trumpet style wedding dresses. Looking at the pictures, I’m sure you see why. It’s not just because trumpet style dresses are not very flattering on me, but because trumpets look more like a prom dress and suitable for a very fancy occasion rather than a wedding dress. This is only my opinion.

What is nice about this dress is that it is very flattering in the bust and waist. The sweet heart neckline sculpts the bust nicely, and the belt helps to break up the bust from the waist drawing negative attention away from the bust. Lace is often associated with grandma dresses; however, the lace on this gown is soft and subtle. Too many times we see plus sized ladies in thick satin dresses. Sometimes satin dresses are beautiful, but too many times on full figured women the satin dresses make the women look even thicker and adds bulkiness to the appearance. Lace dresses, such as this one, will not add any bulkiness to your appearance. This dress was also comfortable, which is important. 😉

For those seeking a trumpet style dress and are busty, I highly suggest the skirt be full like this one. Better yet, a skirt fuller than this one is even better.

Style # 9V3680
Style # 9V3680

Dress #2 Princess Tiana would approve of this dress, especially if it was green. This is a true princess dress (ball gown). I definitely felt like one while I was in it. What I love about this dress is all that it contains. It has lace, organza, beautiful bead work, and layers of ruffles. The neckline is a slight sweet heart. Which draws positive attention to the bust. Because it is a slight sweet heart it minimizes the appearance of the bust. The skirt begins right above the hips. This creates and establishes curves, which draws the waist in. This style dress looks great on fuller busted women. Despite being heavy op top, the bottom containing a full skirt helps to balance it out. This style dress will also look great on women who are apple (barrel) shaped. The full skirt hides the slim hips and tummy.

Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568
Style #8CWG568

This Oleg Cassini is beautiful with or without a sash. I love the soft touch of color added to a wedding gown. A sash is a great way to add personal touches and a way to make a dress your own. You can always do this by creating something of your own, buying one from the store, or maybe even using something borrowed or old from a special loved one.

Dress #3 What I love most about this wedding dress is that it is simple yet gorgeous! The beauty of it is the simplicity and dab of sparkle. Drop waist gowns have always been my favorite. You’re able to have a drop waist in many ways: simple, layers, ball gown, sparkly, etc. This gown has an asymmetrical skirt with a few pleats, very tasteful in style. The sash is added to it, which assist with breaking up the waist and bust. The neckline is subtle and sweet. Perfect gown for those who want to look fabulous, but not over the top. I highly recommend this style dress for pear shapes and hour glass figures.

Notice the two different sashes. One is chunky and the other is thin. Just like the ball gown, you can add many different types of sashes to this dress. That is one of the benefits to a simple dress.

I hope that this dress review of three different styles assist those of you searching for a dress. I suggest you try on the various styles so you’ll know which style looks best on you and which one you feel the most confident in.

I really miss helping ladies find their wedding dresses, but I am glad that I have the opportunity to share with you guys on my blog. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share please comment below.

Happy wedding dress shopping jewels!

How Happy Are You?

Way too much time is spent on finding happiness. Can it even be found, or does it already exist within us? Underneath the layers of toughness, kindness, and bearing it all, lies the individual with strong desires to be as happy as happy can be. Happy, just the thought of it cracks a little smile on your face. Makes you crave to be it. Make Happy a part of your day. Why is it that we throw happiness to the side? Why is happiness not vital to our lives?

Happiness means more than memorable moments. It is to be a part of our daily experiences. Sure, not every moment of each day will bring tender sweet memories, but it is in a human’s best interest to make attempts to be happy in most things. In addition to more happiness giving your life less negativity, it also takes away stress. When you come to that realization that the things you cannot change are literally out of your control, you’ll live a stress free and happier life. Thus, I tell myself, when things get uncomfortable, that I have to let go of and accept the things that I cannot change and have no control over. From there, I move on and go back to laughing and enjoying my day.

The world is already full of stressful things that we do not have any control over. Adding our personal issues to the platter does not help. Negativity and stress also take a toll on our health, making it more logical to strive for happiness daily.

I had a rough 2014; therefore, I refuse to allow my 2015 to be anything but EXCELLENT. In order for me to succeed in that goal I have to strive for happiness daily, no matter what. Not allowing people or situations to dictate my mood or take away my joy. My happiness matters, and yours should too!

My many Happy Faces! Be Happy Jewels, it's pretty on everyone! ;)
My many Happy Faces! Be Happy Jewels, it’s pretty on everyone! 😉

Think about this, “Happy” by Pharrell was the No. 1 Billboard song of 2014. People like to be Happy. So, be it!

Have a great weekend being Happy, Jewels!

Get Ready, Something Better is on It’s Way

Life has a way of throwing us off the course we have mapped out, or even more so out of our comfort zone. I am always telling God to lead me and direct my steps, well he is doing exactly that. A few months ago I thought I knew where I would be a year from now. WELL, little did I know God has been working on my behalf. We think we know everything about ourselves, including what is best for us, BUT GOD.

I do not want to go too deep into my personal life, but to give a little glimpse of it all just know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I just received the truth about some things. The information was very upsetting. I am appreciative of the truth, but as the old saying goes “the truth hurts”. While it hurt I was relieved. Crazy, I know. Hearing the truth was needed. Yes, it hurt, but now I know the truth and now I can move on. It doesn’t stop there though, I then, had to FORGIVE. See forgiveness is not for someone else, it is for ME. If I did not forgive I would be holding on to that, and trust me I do not want to hold on to anything that God does not want for me. You know why? Well, whatever God has planned for me is far better than what I wanted for myself. It’s very true. (Check out Oprah’s story). I hate to be repetitive, but I have to say it again, the things we have planned, the things that we think we want, the things that we feel and believe are best for us ARE NOT ALWAYS a part of the plan God has for us. Unfortunately, some have to learn this the hard way. That’s when the pain comes, and it hurts. BUT, knowing that God is for me, and he has something better in store for me COMFORTS MY SOUL! When he shuts one door best to believe that another door is being prepared to open that will be WONDERFUL.

Now that that is off of my chest. I shared this because I hope that it can help someone else who may feel like things are not working out in life the way that YOU planned. When we place God in control of our lives, everything will turn out beautifully, way better than you could ever imagine. Let God’s will be done in your life. Yes, it is going to hurt while you’re taken off the course you had planned, but when you align yourself with his will for you, the outcome is far BETTER.

When life throws us lemons, you don’t have to make lemonade. However, you need to know that better is yet to come. When one avenue shuts down take the other street. It means it’s time to travel down another road. Life is not over. Beside every door that shuts is a new door that is awaiting to be opened. Waiting for you to realize that the best is yet to come. Many times what we thought was gold God said was rags, and he is looking to turn our fake gold into sparkly diamonds. Diamonds are forever.

Babies know what it means to smile. They have no cares for anything in the world. They are full of joy, the way we should be. SMILE.
Babies know what it means to smile. They have no cares for anything in the world. They are full of joy, the way we should be. SMILE.

I can’t say it enough how important it is to move on and get ready for the best that is on it’s way to you. So the next time you are upset over the disappointments life brings your way, it’s ok to cry for a moment, but you better be getting ready for the best thing ever to come your way. When it comes to getting ready, that means taking more time out for you. Take time to travel, explore new things, meet new people, try new food, change up your routine, try a new exercise, write, start a blog (like I am doing); the list can go on and on. Getting ready also means, letting go and let God; really moving on from the unexpected route you had to take. You cannot move on if you’re still holding on to what God clearly has told you is not meant to be in your life. Don’t forget that you should also be spending time with God. Get in his word and see what he is saying to you. Let the word minister to your heart. You cannot go wrong with God. When we ask him to lead and direct our steps, he will. You have to be prepared for what those steps may be. He will certainly lead you the right way. Once more, when he leads us and takes us out of the places that may feel like a disappointment he is getting you ready for something far better than you could imagine. Trust God, he won’t lead you the wrong way, only up.

Smile Jewels, when disappointments come just know that they are a part of God’s plan for something better in your life.


Plus Size Dress-Up: Simplicity This Holiday Season

Time has flown by so fast this year! It’s already Christmas! That means holiday parties galore. I decided this year to keep it simple. Simplicity is always in style, ESPECIALLY when you do not know how to dress for the occasion.

This outfit was simple but cute, and many people asked “why are you so dressed up”? Black jeans is

This is not the best picture, my apologies. I definitely need to invest in a quality camera.
This is not the best picture, my apologies. I definitely need to invest in a quality camera.

not dressed up! But as we all know, black is dressy. The outfit consist of black knee high boots, black jeans, black lace top, and the piece that tops off this look is the black and white jacket. The jacket is the star of this outfit. I think the black just helped to make me look dressy, but the jacket is what made this piece stick out.

While thinking of what to wear to the next holiday party, you may not have to pull out last year’s little black dress, you can wear the jeans you wore last week with a super cute top. Jackets always make things more fun. Even more so if you can get your hands on a funky fun jacket. There is so much more to an outfit than clothes, accessories. I added a headband and jewelry to mine. I feel naked without accessories. Headpieces are a great way to be festive!

 Where to find this outfit:

 The top came from New York & Co.; the jeans, boots,  headband, and  necklace were bought at Forever21; the  jacket was purchased at Dressbarn; and  the watch is from  Lane Bryant.

 Even though I am not wearing a dress, which is what I would have normally  worn, I still received many compliments. You do not always have to over do it  at a party. Keep it simple, smile, be yourself and you’ll always turn heads. 😉

 Please share your holiday styling tips below.

 Jewels, have a great time partying and be safe!

Today: Relax, Unwind, Have a Glass of Wine

It’s Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I’m sure it’s obvious why Saturday won that award. After a long and tiring week I like to use Saturday as MY DAY. Saturdays are when I can catch up on completing things on my “to do list”, shop, but most of all…RELAX, UNWIND, and HAVE A GLASS OF WINE. I do not always have that special glass, but I try to. A little wine never hurt anyone.

People stay busy, especially those who work throughout the week and the weekend. There is hardly any time for self. Humans have bodies, and our bodies require us to take good care of them in order for them to function properly. I have little to no time to do anything extra throughout week for me. I manage to workout at least three times a week, try to eat healthy 5 days out of the week, and the rest of the time I am doing whatever it takes to keep my sanity. So, yes, Saturday is MY DAY.

On a typical Saturday, I sleep in as long as possible. Then, I may run a few errands or get a massage. Upon entering the real world, where I had to work to eat. There is a new monthly ritual in my life, massages. They are so great! I feel like a new person walking out of the spa.

Next, I get my hair done, or do it myself. My hair stylist is amazing. I really think she has changed the texture of my hair, lol; is that even possible?

These two together, AMAZING RESULTS! This facial really tightens your pores. You feel it getting it tight on your skin that your face begins to pulsate. You will love this.
Bentonite clay & Apple Cider Vinegar. These two together, AMAZING RESULTS! There are many brands of both items. I found these two at whole foods. This facial really tightens your pores. You feel it getting it tight on your skin that your face begins to pulsate. You will love this.

Then, I give myself a facial. Oh yes, I wash my face every morning and night, but there is something about weekly exfoliation that I love. My face loves it too.

Lastly a mani and pedi, those cuticles are so important to keep up.

When it is all said and done, I sit back and watch some TV, do things for my job (I know I said it’s MY DAY, but I rather do it today that on Sunday Fun Day), and catch up with my people. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to take time out for you and relax.

Always remember, if you don't get to it today, there is ALWAYS tomorrow.
Always remember, if you don’t get to it today, there is ALWAYS tomorrow.

This past Thursday I had an anxiety attack at work. In the past, I have experienced upset stomach and irregular breathing, but that day the pain in my stomach was a feeling I had never experienced before. I left work early and slept for about 5 hours. I still had the pain throughout that day; however, I know that it was all because I carry everything on my shoulders, and I do way too much throughout the week. We are not super heroes, we CANNOT do it all. Take time for yourself, it just might save your life.

Take it easy Jewels. You are only one person, and you deserve a day of pampering yourself.

Remember, Relax, unwind, and have a glass of wine! 😉

Trials Make You Stronger

Hello My Lovely Jewels!

I have really missed blogging, writing in general. Life has a way of taking you away from the things you enjoying doing, if you let it.

The biggest part of my absence from blogging was finding a job (8 months of applying), and the other was personal. It seems as though I battled with one thing, conquered it, and then the next battle began. I was constantly asking God, when am I going to receive my break through and stay through. So I finally began working, then there was a big haul that came about in my personal life. Thankfully, God is on my side and I am coming through that storm a stronger person and on top. Through it all, I am grateful and blessed for where God has me. Through each storm I remind myself of that old saying, “If God be for me, who can be against me?”


So I must share about the job struggle. I graduated December 2013 with my bachelors, and ever since then I have been trying to find a job that would allow me to use my degree. I filled out at least 50 job applications, maybe more. Out of those applications I got an interview for 3 jobs. Just 3! Upon the third interview I still did not land the job (NOT RIGHT AWAY). It felt like eternity, but 4 weeks later I got a call saying I got the job,  if I STILL WANTED IT (of course I DID). The process for getting hired was long and a lot of steps (full of paper work).

Yep, that's me! LOL ;)
Yep, that’s me! LOL 😉

You’re probably wondering what job it is. It is one of the most rewarding, yet stressful, long day, take your work home, work on the weekend kind of jobs. I am a TEACHER!!!! I teach English at the high school level. Something I have always wanted to do, teach the youth. It was a long road, but worth it. I do not plan to teach forever, in fact probably not even a decade. Children are OUR future, and I want to be a part of helping them take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities they have to become thriving adults that will give back in some way later on.

Through everything we go through in life there is a lesson learned. This has been a rough year. Upon every situation that came up I would ask God “What good can POSSIBLY come out of this?” At the moment you do not believe that there is any GOOD that will come out the situation. With time, God reveals the good that is produced out of things that we see as calamity in our lives. We may not get it, or want to understand it because of the pain. But there is a reason for everything.

So the next time you are battling something, see it as the birth of something new. As the saying goes, “All things happen for a reason”. There is a lesson to be learned out of every experience we go through in life. You WILL come out of it STRONGER!

I once was down with a frown, BUT today I smile letting my light shine! BE HAPPY!
I once was down with a frown, BUT today I smile letting my light shine! BE HAPPY!

I am back, and I hope to never stay away this long again. I have new goals, for blogging, that I plan to begin implementing soon.

I’d love to hear how you may have been waiting for something for a long time, and how it was when you finally received it. Please share by leaving a comment below. Have a WONDERFUL DAY JEWELS!